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Our games

After two years of preparation, we will launch a set of escape games in multiple cities in Belgium.

Escape games can be played with a team of 2-6 people and last one hour.  Whilst playing, we are watching you indeed ! (Just in case you need a hint).

"Escape the Freak Show" is the first escape game in Ghent, and opened 4th February 2015.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
We tried to create an atmosphere that resembles a post-WW2 circus. To escape you need to find the way through multiple rooms, and especially think logical, search well and listen to your team mates!

"Find the Altarpiece" is the second escape game in Ghent, and opened 4th March 2015. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
The never solved myth of the theft of one of the panels of the "Altarpiece", the world's most famous painting, has everyone still dazzled upon today. We'll tell you a secret. The panel, "Just Judges" can be found together with the key to escape this game. But only if you're up for a real challenge !

"Escape Wonderland" is our third game in Ghent, and opened 4th May in 2015.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.
Things aren't what they seem. We kicked it up a notch so this game is not only a brainteaser but a real challenge for your team.


There will be moar.. moarrrr... moarrrr escape games in 2015.
Actually we think about 7. More news to be announced in September.  And of course, in different cities !

Area 56

Escape The Freakshow

Escape Wonderland

Find the altarpiece

Escape the Office

Get the hell out

Escape the Coven

Escape the Void